Rules & Child Protection

  • All entries must be forwarded to the Festival Committee on or before the closing date stated on the Entry Form together with the appropriate entry fees.
  • In all cases the titles of own choice music should be stated on the entry form and 1 copy of each piece forwarded for the use of the adjudicator.
  • The committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.
  • Prize money may be withheld in any competition where in the opinion of the adjudicator sufficient merit has not been shown.
  • In all cases the decision of the adjudicator will be final.
  • During the festival all enquiries, complaints or protest must be made in writing and handed to any of the stewards on duty.
  • A stamped addressed envelope should accompany all communications to the festival committee if a reply is required.
  • All competing choirs are reminded that it is not possible to accept photocopies of music unless written permission from the publishers has been obtained. Proof of permission to copy music should be sent along with any such copy.
  • The decision of the executive committee in all questions or disputes arising out of or not provided for by these regulations should be final.
  • All choirs are expected to provide their own accompanist.
  • Entry fees which must accompany all entries are non refundable in the event of a choir being unable to participate.
  • Choirs may only sing a piece once in the festival (i.e. a separate programme is required for each class entered).
  • Entry fees from choirs outside the United Kingdom may pay entry fees in Euros at the current appropriate rate of exchange.
  • In accordance with Performing Rights the use of video or audio recording equipment is not permitted during any competitions.

Child Protection Policy

  • Bangor International Choral Festival will from the 1st January 2005 implement a Safeguarding Policy.
  • Every person responsible for entering a School/Youth Choir (anyone under 18 years of age) to Bangor International choral festival must sign and return a Safeguarding Policy Receipt Form which will be sent to them prior to the dates of the festival together with a copy of the Safeguarding Policy document.
  • A choir entered for the festival may not be able to participate if this form has not been returned prior to the competition. It is the responsibility of the person entering the School/Youth Choir to ensure that the appropriate Form has been signed and returned.
  • Photography or recording of any kind of Primary School Choirs is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Any infringement of the Safeguarding Policy Rules may lead to disqualification.

2018 Syllabus


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